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How to choose your digital camera: brand? Reflex, bridge, compact or hybrid?

The purpose of this article is therefore to make a kind of “ultimate guide” to help you choose a camera. As I don’t want it to expire in 15 days with the release of a new camera, I won’t make a comparison and I won’t recommend ONE model in particular, but on the contrary I will try to guide you in your choice without turning me into a mother either: you are adults, it’s up to you to make the final choice of your camera according to what’s most important for you. So I will start by explaining the 4 main camera families, the 3 most important criteria for choosing one, and finally a step-by-step method


Being an adventure photographer like Annie-Claude Roberge has its challenges, but also great moments. Like the impromptu discovery of Alaska. Portrait story put into words by Anne-Marie Brassard. I often want to sneak out. To go far away, to walk in the margins. I have this irrepressible need to probe the unknown with my cameras, as if photographing nature in its raw state gives me the right to access its secrets, to be part of it too. For more than 15 years, I have had the privilege of travelling the world to tell her stories and enrich mine. I slept outside in the cold, ran out of water in the desert, pushed my limits and experienced